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Woman Getting Facial

50 Skin Care Myths

#1 – Hot Water is Good for Your Skin – False Washing or showering in hot water actually removes oils and natural moisturizers from your skin. This can leave skin dry and itchy. Your face is particularly sensitive to hot water, so even if you enjoy a hot shower on your body, make sure to … Continued

Sebaceous cyst

Skin Cysts: Are They Dangerous?

Cysts are abnormal sac-like pockets of tissue that contain air, fluid, and other substances. These cysts can form in different areas of the body. The good news is that cyst removal in Portland is very accessible at Norris Dermatology and Laser Northwest. Cysts are generally benign, but it can progress to a more complicated and … Continued

portland skin milia removal

Get Rid of Milia and Show Your Smooth Skin!

Some people have milia on the face. Milia are small white cysts that can be seen on the face and chest. Using certain cosmetic products can cause the production of milia. It can also be blamed on the person’s genes. At Norris Dermatology and Laser Northwest, we can remove milia in Portland by creating a … Continued

Portland Skin Allergy Testing

Tips to Avoid Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are annoying, distracting, and irritating itchy blotches on the skin that can happen to you simply because your skin is sensitive or you are prone to skin allergies. At Norris Dermatology and Laser Northwest, Dr. Norris will diagnose and treat allergic skin reactions that may be caused by exposure to chemicals at home, … Continued

Portland Dry Skin Treatment

How to Avoid Dry Skin

Do you have rough, itchy, and scaly skin? A cream or lotion can solve your dry skin problem temporarily. Then again, the best way to go is to get a correct prescription from a Portland dermatologist. Dry skin in Portland can happen to anyone. At Norris Dermatology and Laser Northwest, we can help you find … Continued

How to Prevent Melanoma

Easy Ways to Prevent Melanoma

Melanoma is known as the most serious type of skin cancer, but if you catch it early, there is a high chance of treating it. Then again, it is still best to prevent melanoma. Melanoma prevention in Portland reduces your chances of having this form of skin cancer. Here are easy ways to prevent melanoma. … Continued

New Born Baby Skin Care Tips

Your new born baby can be irresistible to touch and you can’t help but kiss their delicate and smooth skin. As parents, you have to know that babies at their tender age can acquire an itchy eczema, warts and other skin diseases that will prompt you to consult with a pediatric dermatologist in Portland, OR. … Continued

Portland Severe Acne Treatments

Tips: Acne Free Skin in Portland

If you are currently suffering from the agony and distress of acne, you can seek professional acne treatment with Dr. Patricia Norris who is a dermatologist in Portland, OR. An acne laden face can hurt self esteem and stops many youth from building social relationships, but there are available solutions. And you’ve come to the … Continued

Portland Lentigo Dermatologist

Brown Patches Can Be Dangerous

Imperfections of the skin such as a lentigo or age spots appear more frequently in elderly patients. They can be bothersome and embarrassing if they will appear in the facial area such as the cheek or forehead.  Lentigines (plural for lentigo) can look like a freckle and can appear as brown or black and darker … Continued

Portland Skin Allergy Testing

Patch Testing in Portland: Itchy Skin Diagnosis

Contact Dermatitis is a rash after your skin comes in contact with something that irritates it. Patients with an itchy and scratchy skin allergy need to be diagnosed to know what really causes the allergy.  Skin allergies can develop either because of an allergic contact dermatitis or as an irritant reaction.  This results in our … Continued