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Portland Lentigo Dermatologist

Brown Patches Can Be Dangerous

Imperfections of the skin such as a lentigo or age spots appear more frequently in elderly patients. They can be bothersome and embarrassing if they will appear in the facial area such as the cheek or forehead.  Lentigines (plural for lentigo) can look like a freckle and can appear as brown or black and darker … Continued

Portland Skin Allergy Testing

Patch Testing in Portland: Itchy Skin Diagnosis

Contact Dermatitis is a rash after your skin comes in contact with something that irritates it. Patients with an itchy and scratchy skin allergy need to be diagnosed to know what really causes the allergy.  Skin allergies can develop either because of an allergic contact dermatitis or as an irritant reaction.  This results in our … Continued

Portland Skin Cancer Screening

Skin Care in Portland

Our skin is the outer covering of our body and it is the largest organ of our body.  It covers and protects everything that is inside our body. It allows us to have a sense of touch and keep our body in the right temperature.  With these realities of our skin’s importance, it is important … Continued

Dermatologist in Lake Oswego

A skin allergy or acne problem will prompt you to search for a verified and competent dermatologist.  If you are in the Oregon area and more particularly in Lake Oswego, you can flip over the white pages or more conveniently scan on the internet’s search engines.  Undoubtedly, you will find endless lists of dermatologists in … Continued

Botox: Beat Wrinkles Like a Celebrity

Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Courtney Cox are among the top women celebrities who favored or were rumored to seek the miracle wonders of Botox which is known to shave years off your age without the knife.  The clinic of Dr. Patricia Norris is widely known for Botox Treatment in Portland OR.  It feels good for … Continued

Portland Acne Dermatologist

Show Off Confidence: Clear Up Your Acne!

Are you bothered by how you look because of that spotty acne on your face? Acne treatment in Portland OR can solve this problem at Norris Dermatology and Laser Northwest.  An acne laden face can lower your self-confidence.  It can be left untreated but it will leave scarring and this will worsen the appearance of … Continued

Portland Female Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Loss Treatment in Portland: Save Your Precious Hair

Norris Dermatology offers hair loss treatment in Portland, OR, premised on the idea that there are hair growth abnormalities such as hair loss on men and more importantly to some women. Some women just endure it silently so it is necessary to find the correct help and treatment.  It is normal for us to shed … Continued

Portland Excessive Sweating Treatment

Got a Date? Stop Excessive Sweating!

Not being able to control the excessive sweating of your underarm or palms can be a big turn off.  That is why Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Portland, OR is now available at Norris Dermatology and Laser Northwest.  Hyperhidrosis is the medical terminology for excessive sweating which can affect areas of the body like the palms, armpits, … Continued

Norris Dermatology Portland Dermatologist Clinic

Norris Dermatology Treatment & Care

Your Best Skin Ally in Portland Aside from being the largest body organ, the skin is also exposed on a daily basis to a lot of threats to its health and appearance. Think of the nature’s elements (sun light, wind and gravity), aging process, and your unhealthy lifestyle – at some point they are all … Continued