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Mole Mapping

Mole Mapping

Melanoma is a potentially life-threatening skin cancer that develops from a cell called the melanocytes, which are the cells that make up our moles (nevi) and also produce the pigment that gives our skin its color.

Portland Mole MappingBecause melanoma has an increased risk for serious complications and even death, screening and early diagnosis are important to prevent these risks. A full skin exam and mole mapping is a type of skin surveillance that visually identifies the moles on the body and monitors their size, color and overall appearance for early detection of any changes or other abnormalities through photography.

Mole mapping can be performed on any individual in Portland seeking to undergo a comprehensive screening for melanoma and other skin cancers. It is especially recommended for patients who have experienced long-term sun exposure. Since early detection and treatment are essential in successfully treating melanoma and other types of skin cancer, clear identification of the moles on the body allows for precise monitoring and examination to detect any abnormalities as soon as possible.

Moles that are mapped through photography provide a safe, noninvasive exam that helps patients in Portland avoid serious complications through early detection of malignant melanoma lesions.

You can learn more about mole mapping at American Academy of Dermatology.

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