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Patch Testing in Portland: Itchy Skin Diagnosis

Portland Skin Allergy Testing

Contact Dermatitis is a rash after your skin comes in contact with something that irritates it. Patients with an itchy and scratchy skin allergy need to be diagnosed to know what really causes the allergy.  Skin allergies can develop either because of an allergic contact dermatitis or as an irritant reaction.  This results in our skin becoming red, sore and inflamed because of direct contact with a chemical or substance.  Patch testing is a method to diagnose the substances that possibly cause the allergy.

Patch testing may help identify the exact cause of the contact dermatitis.  This can be done to determine the substance that caused the allergic contact dermatitis.  Doing this type of skin allergy testing is done by placing low concentrations of specific allergens on the back of the patient and observing the area between 5 to 7 days for any reaction.  Dr. Patricia Norris will keenly monitor any specific findings of the root cause and will make viable recommendations to ease any discomfort and prescribe the right medication for the dermatitis.

During your visit to the clinic of Dr. Patricia Norris, it is advisable to tell her your suspicion of any element that you were in contact with that irritated your skin.  This is so that she can properly evaluate your case.  Possible things that can cause the irritation of the skin can be within your surroundings in your room, car or office.  You can also bring the packaging with the labels so that your dermatologist can properly read its ingredients and contents.  Varieties of chemicals can cause irritation to the skin that only a trained and experienced dermatologist can correctly determine.

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